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What is Gator Piss?

Gator Piss is pre mixed etchant designed to be an easy solution to the complex world of etching Damascus and Laminated steels. 

Why is Gator Piss Better?

With so many different methods and mix ratio/acid combo possibilities, its really hard for beginners or pros to get the etch they want every time. With Gator Piss, we have taken all the guess work out of it for you! 

No more wasting time trying to get the right ratio only to get dingy, lack luster results. Perfect results every time means less time etching, and less headache. 

How Do I Use Gator Piss?

We've made that part easy too! 

The creators of Gator Piss have put together a video series with step by step instructions on how to achieve and maintain a stunning etched finish. And its totally free!  

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