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Constantly Pushing Innovation

Gator Piss is a collaborative product solution to the world of knife makers, DIY'ers and metal smiths in general.  

About Us

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Our Story

In August of 2022, the team at Baker Forge decided it would be incredibly helpful to the Knifemaker community to create a unique etching solution to aid Damascus and laminated steel finishes across the board. 

Baker Forge is recognized worldwide for their unique Damascus and Laminated steels becoming a symbol of quality and unparalleled pattern development in this industry. 

In an effort to help push this community further, Baker Forge set out to create a no-mix etchant solution and step by step video series to take the guess work out of the finishing process. Thus giving individual makers more time on further their craft without stressing over getting a good finish/etch. 

Baker Forge teamed up with Greyson at Grey Blades (CO Creator) and Gator Piss was born!

Our Clients

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